Please refer to our terms and conditions regarding refunds. Thank you.

1. NATALIE STUDIO offers instructions on its own premises at 195 Pearl's Hill Terrace, Singapore  or at a 3rd party premises as indicated for the respective sign-up.

2. NATALIE STUDIO reserves full rights to accept or decline the registration of any participant for any reason, without explanation.

3. NATALIE STUDIO reserves full rights to amend or adjust the date, time, venue, content, fees, or instructor of any scheduled course, session, workshop, talk or event.

4. In any case of the participant’s absence or no-show or inability to stay the full duration of any course, session or workshop, the participant cannot be granted a refund in full or in part.

6. In the case of unforeseen circumstances whereby the course, session, workshop, talk, or event cannot be postponed or replaced, and has to be cancelled, terminated or shortened, Natalie Png will make the refund of the pro-rated course fee for customers who make online payment via Paypal, the sum can be refunded only via the Paypal portal, within 10 working days upon the notification of the change.

7. No additional child or adult will be allowed to accompany the participant at the course, session, workshop, talk, or event. In the case of dispute, Natalie Png reserves full rights to act in the interest of the course, session, workshop, talk or event, without incurring any penalty or owing any refund in monies or in kind. The final decision may include charging or refusing entry to the additional pax, or refusing the participant’s entry.